how to levelling proces is done agriculture practices

Cultivation Practices gt >Main field Preparation

Main Field Preparation in Tamil Nadu Transplanted Rice Plough the land during summer to economize the water requirement for initial preparation of land Field is ploughed once or twice to obtain a good tilth Flood the field 1 or 2 days before ploughing and allow water to soak in Keep the surface of the field covered with water...

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Laser technology to level farm land saves water and energy

May 25, 2015 0183 32 The study aims to assess if and how laser land levelling helps farm communities by improving productivity, saving on water and energy, reducing greenhouse gas ,...

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How to Practice Sustainable Agriculture

Apr 20, 2007 0183 32 How to Practice Sustainable Agriculture If you want to farm sustainably, there are certain measures you need to undertake in order to move toward that goal And if you re looking for a farm that practices sustainable methods, then you can....

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Agricultural Marketing in India, Process of Agriculture ,

Jan 15, 2014 0183 32 It is a type of advertising done for goods and services that are related to field of agriculture There are so many defects of agricultural marketing in India They are as follows Lack of organization of the producer-sellers Buyers or the customers of these agricultural products are in large scale and well organized...

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